Power up your browsing experience by using linksbook.

Save time and clicks by powering your workflow with linksbook. A clean and feature full app to give you the best bookmarking experience.

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LinksBook 2.0 - Power up your browsing experience | Product Hunt

Linksbook is an app to help you manage all of your browser bookmarks in one place.

Linksbook aim at providing a better bookmark management experience by serving a customizable environment with a number of useful features.

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Nested Collections

Organize your bookmarks in a way that makes sense to you. Linksbook enables you to organise your bookmarks into collections and nest them however you want.

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Add reminders to bookmarks so you won't forget to consult them. Send reminders to more than one person.


Tag & Search

Annotate, tag and search. Linksbook allows you to search through your entire set of bookmarks easily via tags and text search.


Drag-n-Drop, Notes

Freely throw bookmarks into various folders via drag-n-drop. Add short notes on bookmarks so you won't have to revisit links evertime.

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Custom Themes

Dark, Light, Blurred Gradients anc Custom background images. Make your workspace fit your style.

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Share Collections

Share your carefully created collections with the public easily.

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  • Unlimited Bookmarks
  • Unlimited Collections
  • Tags & Search
  • Drag-n-Drop
  • Notes


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  • Nested Collections
  • Reminders
  • Custom Themes
  • Share collections


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